Single Bed Sheet Set -731


Product Description

Fabric: Cotton
2 Single Bed Sheet (Dimensions: 60″ x 90″)
2 Pillow Covers (Pillow dimensions: 19″ x 29″)
(Color & Fabric GUARANTEE)

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Single bed sheets are beings used commonly in our houses, hostels, hotels, and hospitals. They are available in the form of pair or set with two pillow covers. The requirement of hospitals is normally white color but they vary in colors and styles for hostels. The common stuff of single bed sheets is cotton. They should be heavy-duty because they undergo washing again and again.

These bedsheets are not of cotton only but in other materials as well. You can buy single bed sheets in velvet, silk, and jacquard as well. They are available in different types of designs, colors, and styles. The price of these bed sheets is also affordable.

The second type of common single bed sheet is for kids. They love to have printed bed sheets such as angry birds, ludo and spider man etc. The bedsheets for kids should be available in good quality and bright colors. You can search these bed sheets using different phrases like single fitted sheet size, single fitted sheet size, size of single bed sheet, white single bed sheet, cheap double bed sheets, bed sheet cotton single, and plain bed sheets double bed.


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