Frilled Bed Sheets 15922-5


Product Description

3 Piece Stitched
2 Sided Frilled Bed Sheets

2 Pillow Covers With Frill
1 Bedsheet With 2-Sided Frill
Size 93”/95”

FABRIC High Cotton Salonica

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Bedding has acquired the level of the industry. The market is full of a wide variety of bedding items and frilled bed sheets. They include bedsheets, pillows, cushions, duvet, duvet covers, mattresses, and their covers. Moreover, there are many other things that are not common in the world of bedding. Similarly, there are many types and designs of bed sheets to select from. You can select frilled bed sheets and other types of bed sheets. It all depends on you. You can have a bed sheet according to special events such as weddings.

People search for different types of bed sheets on Google. So it shows the latest trends and products. They also used different terms such as double bed sheet size, double fitted sheet, green bed sheets, and pink bed sheets to search for their required products. These frilled bed sheets are designed and stitched with quality material. In short, we have a professional workforce to handle them at the business level.



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