Beautiful Bridal Velvet Bed Sheet BS-10827


1 Bedsheet king size 93”×99”
2 Pillow Covers 19”×29”
2 cushion covers 15”×15”
Fabric: Jacquard Velvet

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Do you want to start your wedding life with full emotions and love? It is the right place to start your wedding life with our Bridal Velvet Bed Sheet collection. Manufacturers manufacture them with different kinds of materials such as velvet, Jacquard velvet bed sheets, and silk. Therefore, they provide a peaceful and comfortable sensation to the bride and groom. You spend precious nights on velvet bed sheets to enhance the pleasure of life. Our quality bedding items are popular among brides and grooms.

The quality of the bed sheet set is good because we manufacture it using fine jacquard velvet. This set consists of a bed sheet, two pillow covers and one cushion cover. The colors and designs of the bed sheets are up to date. You can search for this product using phrases like bedding, bridal set, bed sheet designs for wedding, bedding sets for wedding, bridal bed sheet design with price and wedding bed sheet design. The other phrases are wedding bedsheets, bridal bed sheet price, wedding sets, bridal sets on sale and unique bridal sets.

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