Foamy Multani Gultex Bed Sheets G-1220


Product Description

Fabric: Gultex
1: Bed sheet Filled With Polyester Size 92” X 100”
2: Pillow Covers 19” X 30”
1: Cushion Cover 15” X 15”

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Gultex bed sheets or Multani bed sheets are very popular among people. People who want to have comfortable and durable bed sheets love these bed sheets. These bed sheets are the modern form of hand-woven bed sheets. As we know that people weave bed sheets in their homes by hand. But now they are manufactured using the latest machines. Gultex bed sheets are not much expensive but they are durable and beautiful. There is a wide variety of designs so you can have any one of them according to your likes. Moreover, the combination of colors is also attractive.

People use different keywords to search for bed sheets and some of them are dark purple bed sheets, red and white bed sheets, best bed sheets for winter, natural bed sheets, and bed sheet low price. They provide excellent results showing quality and colorful bed sheets. You select them according to your requirements and bedroom color combination.


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